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Star Trek Phaser Universal Remote Control
User's Guide

This quality remote is designed to work with almost all brands TV’s VCR’s, and cable boxes, and is very simple to use and maintain. The realistic construction and sound effects should appeal to the most stringent Star Trek fan!

The TeleMania Star Trek Phaser universal remote can be used with up to three different devices: a TV, a VCR, and a cable box. With the included list of manufacturers, you can easily program the remote to work with the specific TV, VCR, or cable box you use. After you program the remote, most or all of the functions available with the original remotes are available with the TeleMania Star Trek Phaser remote.

The special features of the TeleMania Star Trek Phaser universal remote are:

Sound Effects: The Star Trek Phase remote generates sound effects that simulate phaser sounds from the Star Trek TV series.

Read Back Programmed Code: In the case that you lose the codes for your devices, the remote can read back the 3-digit codes programmed into it for future reference.

Search for Correct Code:If you find it difficult to program the remote, the remote can rapidly cycle through available codes to help you find a usable one.

Memory Sustain During Battery Change: While changing batteries in the remote, the memory will be retained for up to 1 minute without battery power.

Substitute Devices: The TV, VCR, and cable box buttons do not necessarily have to control the specific device that they are labeled for. For example, you could have the VCR button programmed as the cable box, or the TV and cable box buttons programmed as VCRs. This allows you to program any combination of up to three TVs, VCRs, or cable boxes.

Note: The Star Trek Phaser remote does not work with satellite systems or stereos. In addition, if your TV, VCR, or cable box was never capable of using a remote in the first place, it won’t work with the Star Trek Phaser.

Device Buttons: These buttons are used to select the device you want to control. For example, when you press the CBL button, the remote switches to cable mode and the functions control the cable box. When you press TV, the remote goes to TV mode and they control the television. Some device controls may function even when the device is not currently selected. For example, when in cable box mode, the volume controls may still work with the television, and the VCR controls may still work with the VCR. The availability of this feature depends on what type of TV, VCR, and cable box you have.

Power Button: This button is used to turn your TV, VCR, or cable box on or off.

Channel +/- Button: This button is used to change channels. To move up the available channels, press the + side of the button. To move down, press the side.

Volume +/- Button: This button is used to raise or lower the volume level. To raise the volume, press the + side of the button. To lower the volume, press the side.

VCR Control Buttons: When in VCR mode, these buttons control the VCR. They function just like the VCR controls on your old remote, but REC must be pressed twice to start recording!

M Button: This button turns muting on and off.

Standard / Play Switch: When the switch is in the STD position, the Star Trek Phaser acts as a remote control. When the switch is in the Play position, the Phaser also makes sound effects. The sound effects are:

PWR - Short Beep

Volume + 2 Full Blasts

Volume - 2 Full Blasts & Explosion

Channel + 2 Full Blasts

Channel - 2 Full Blasts & Explosion

Numeric Pad: The numbers on this pad control channel settings on TVs, VCRs, and cable boxes. Some TVs require Enter to be pressed when changing channels with the numeric pad. The Prog. button is used for programming the remote to work with your specific TV, VCR, and cable box. Programming the remote is described later in the manual.

Programming Guide

1. Press the device button for the device you want to program (Program LED flashes once)

2. Press the Prog. button (2 Flashes)

3. Type in the 3-digit code for your TV, VCR, or cable box. (Flashes once for each digit pressed)

4. After you’ve entered the correct code, press Prog. (3 Flashes) You are finished: Test the device by pressing PWR.

5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for each device you want to program.

NOTE: Codes are arranged in order of age. The first codes for a specific brand are the latest models, and the last codes are the oldest. You may have to try several codes in order to find the correct one.


Read Back Programmed Code:

1. Press the device key that you want the code read back for. For example, if you want to get the code for your TV, press the TV key.

2. Press Prog. The light should flash twice.

3. Press 1, and then Prog. The light will flash the number of the first digit of the code. For instance, if your TVs code is 567, the light will flash five times. If a digit code is zero, the light will not flash.

4. Repeat the last two steps to get the second and third digits of the TV code, by pressing 2 and Prog. for the second digit (light flashes six times) and 3 and Prog. for the third digit (light flashes seven times). The procedure can then be repeated for your VCR and cable box.

Auto Search For Correct Code:

If you have trouble programming the remote, or can’t find the correct code in the manual, the remote can cycle through available codes rapidly to help you locate a usable code. It is recommended that this feature should be used only when all other methods have failed, as you may have to cycle through many codes before you find a usable one.

1. Press the device key for the device code you want to search for. For example, to search for a TV code, press TV once. (1 Flash)

2. Press the PROG button once. (2 Flashes)

3. Press 0 0 0 (Flashes once for each digit pressed)

4. Press PROG once again. (3 Flashes)

5. Test the device by pressing the PWR button. If it doesn’t work, repeat steps 4 and 5 until you find a usable code. When PWR works, test other functions such as CH+ and VOL+. If they all work, press the device key to lock in the code. (1 Flash)

Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the device responds to the remote. (You may have to do this many times before you find the correct code) If the PWR button works, check the other buttons to be sure they all work with the device. If they do, you have located the correct code for your device. Press the device key one last time to lock in the code.

For example, to search for the code for a VCR, press:

VCR > Prog. > 0 > 0 > 0 > Prog. > PWR

If PWR doesn’t turn on the VCR, press:

Prog. > PWR > Prog. > PWR > Prog. > PWR. . .

Continue this cycle until the VCR responds to the PWR button. When the VCR responds, check the other buttons such as PLAY and STOP to be sure they all work. If they do, press VCR once more to lock in the code. You are finished, and the remote should work correctly with the VCR.

As you are repeatedly pressing the program and power buttons, you may encounter some "blank" areas in which the light doesn’t flash. Simply ignore these areas and continue. If you continue through all of the codes (350 times) in the remote without finding an appropriate one, you will reach the end of the list and the light will not flash anymore.

NOTE: Some devices, such as cable boxes, may not use the PWR button. In this case, you can use CH+ or any other supported button to test the operation.



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