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Voice Technology

The Modern User Interface!

Bringing embedded hands-free control to the ultimate in its evolution, Innotech has become a technology leader in embedded voice control systems. The world's most advanced voice control technology lets users tell your product what to do — without lifting a finger! Our advanced patent-pending voice interaction can even talk consumers through system set up and operation.

Innotech Systems Inc. (ISI) advanced cost-effective voice recognition technology voice-activates all types of products including corded and cordless telephones, desktop dialers, toys, appliances, and, of course, remote controls.

With Innotech’s highly integrated state-of-the-art technology, you can add voice interaction to your product for less than you could ever imagine. You can combine advanced voice recognition with sound and speech synthesis to create interactive appliances, even audio recording and playback. Or combine Innotech’s voice recognition with Innotech’s advanced infrared remote control technology to create voice operation of any home entertainment device: Television, VCR, Satellite, Home Theater and more.

Innotech’s advanced voice recognition can be used to create speaker-dependent products with a user-defined vocabulary, and speaker-independent products with pre-trained vocabulary.  Innotech Systems can even combine speaker-independent and speaker dependent designs for out-of-the-box operation with the user option of personalization.

Advanced sound generation includes high-quality, natural-sounding speech synthesis, customized sound effects, even music synthesis. The power-efficient design permits battery-operated, hand-held devices.

Examples of Voice-Enabled Consumer Products

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