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Voice Operated Remote Control for OEMs

The World's Most Advanced Remote Control Technology Lets Users Tell Your System What To Do Without Lifting a Finger!

  • Operates with voice or keys
  • Includes Innotech's
    acclaimed code library
  • Operates from internal library or "learns" existing remote controls
  • User-Trained Voice Recognition
  • Language and accent independent
  • Train up to 50 voice commands and macros
  • Easy Set-Up
  • Friendly "Voice Prompts"
    talk user through the
    set-up process
  • Simple training process combines macros and simple commands
  • Optional LCD Display
Powered by Innotech's Voice Operated Remote Control Technology, the Accenda remote control sets the standard for voice-operated and voice response remote controls.

Click here for the Accenda Website.

Accenda Remote Control
OEMs -- Let Innotech Systems Voice-Enable Your Remote Control!

Why control your 21st-century system with yesterday's old-fashioned push-button technology? Drive your sales with a modern voice-operated remote control from Innotech Systems.

Using technology so advanced that it has been used in interplanetary space probes, Innotech's Operated Remote Control Technology uses the sound of your customer's voice to control TV's, VCR's,Cable Box's, Satellite's, home theater's --- and now, your own products!

The remote control converts your customer's spoken words into remote control signals using Innotech's acclaimed remote control code library.

Able to recognize over fifty commands in any language Innotech's Voice Operated Remote Controls are so automated they can perform complex multi-step operations from a single word and even surf the channels while your customers just lean back and watch!

Innotech Systems will tailor the remote control for your particular needs, making your remote control as unique as the rest of your product!

OEMs -- If you are ready to voice-activate your next project, please contact Innotech Systems right away!
New! Accenda "accessible" voice-enabled remote control -- the easiest-to-use universal remote control on the market today!    Click here to go to the Accenda website.

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